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2002-12-19 --- 7:43 a.m.

Frigging Tease



Why the phuck do pholks always look amazed and concerned when I tell them I am my five point five year-old son's full-time-and-only-day-to-day-week-to-week-parent?

He is clean. Polite. Well-spoken. Fed-properly. Everyone wants his hugs or to just tossle his head.

Yet, they react with such odd near-horror.

Part of me imagines that they just don't do that with single mothers.


It must be the boy thing. Boys can't even take proper care of themselves muchless a young human?

Funny, tho'.

They look so bemused when there is normal nurturing activity happening.

Some bits of background on HOW I got to be ALL-Parent-The-Magnificent (or at least do okay for a guy,) should be next...

Then again, I might just be a frigging tease.

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