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2003-01-04 --- 12:38 p.m.

Erectile (T)Issues

Blazing through GoogleNews this morning brought me up short when it came to the various stories about PharmaSuits Creating Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD.

In a regularly quoted blurb there is the following: “Women could hear drug company commercials and look for a pill as a simple solution,” he said, “when in fact their sexual dysfunction could have many causes such as poor lubrication, relationship problems and cultural issues.”

Now forgive DaSauceGuy for thinking he might understand humankind here—but wouldn’t that be the case with men as well? Poor stimulation, relationship problems, and cultural issues would certainly be a regular cause of Low Blood Flow to the more turgid tissues. Limp members MUST BE largely a Catch-22 of fear and feedback in the psychological realm for the majority of guys with Southerly Pointing Puds.

Those stories go on to note that the percentage of women with ‘actual physiological problems that would require meds’ to puff up dat pudendum is in the single digits.


No shit?

No surprise there.

Duh. One would guess that the same applies to men—and no one is complaining about guys buying and popping Viagra like they are frigging breath mints. Hugh “Someone Bury Me Before I Date Octuplets” Hefner isn’t complaining. Reputed heavy user of same Harrison Ford isn’t thinking about the probable lack of relationship with more than a stick-figure as the cause of his method-mimicry of cartoon legend Droopy. That would cause poor lubrication’s cousin in most men.

You see, it might just be that a few of the distaff crew might wanna be excited even if their mate isn’t making their Labia Majora Leap With Abandon. Clitoral-Gal might just wanna make an appearance for the fun of it. You don’t see huge stories on men who ought to work on their cultural issues before using a pill to bring pria-pal home to honey-bunchette.

This isn’t to say that we all should be grabbing for the RX jar without thinking about the whys and the wherefores. It is always smart to work on the issues and find the causal creature that is currently making bug-eyes and laughing at your genitalia—but this should apply to both sexes equally, folks.

In the meantime, it may just be that their relationship problems can be partially soothed by some good loving and if GalPal or Wifey can get hot-to-trot by tablet-ingesting--it might feel good to NOT THINK ABOUT why the guy in her life (the boy with the dirty t-shirt and long yellow toe nails who scratches his smelly-balls all the time) isn’t making her, gush with joy.

Shit. Go for it.

The world would be a happier place if more cats could rub up against legs.

Root causes (er, pun-intended—so shoot me) can be found and conquered along the way. This can be done, eventually and at a normal (human-fix-thyself) pace.

Don’t tell women that they can't go for Viagra-like goods because they could/should chase the reasons for lack of excitement over their partner--any more than you did dear ol' Bob Dole...

Hugh Hefner’s five girlfriends really deserve the chance to have some blood flow to their over-photographed-nether-regions—as I can’t imagine anything other than his tax return makes them willing. He gets his fistful of Viagra. Why not them? Don’t blame cultural issues or relationship problems on their lack of excitement over his wrinkled lower-genital-area. Dick.


[Clearly feeling spunky of late. It’ll pass. And, worse, I wanted to call the new pills from the Rx-co's QuimQuivers. I am sooo glad I didn't.]

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