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2003-05-23 --- 09:27

Strangely Silent Sauce Speaks!

Rather than pulling a BMI (as much as I like a good mystery,) GolfWidow has reminded me that there are folks who’s fingers are crossed (and some of them are probably crossing their eyes and legs as well) and as she noted, “This is not so much about your diary (except that that's how I keep up with your life). I'm more concerned about your wellbeing than I am about whether or not you're entertaining me. “

My answer to her is an answer I ought to leave up as the current status D’Sauce.

Not to worry about well-being related issues…

YerSauce and his little guy are fine. As is apt to happen during trauma or turmoil? This Oaf of a Human is hunkered down. Focusing on the deeply important. Taking baby steps for he and his soon to be six-year-old boyness.

So, while it would be swell to just note that things are strangely complicated, as they are…. It is smarter to note that when things get complex it makes sense to get intent as hell on the SIMPLE. And for now, the simple is kind of allowing DairyLand to fall by the wayside while managing bandwidth and allowing the wonder that is entrenched continued best daily effort and continued well being for two folks who are fine and will continue to be.


So, when you worry?


Back in the regulars soon. This is too much fun to let it slide and once things stabilize the bandwidth should magically return and you should continue getting silly content from YerIdiotDiarist.


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