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2003-05-11 --- 09:21

Synopsis D’Sauce

With an advance THANK YOU to all DaReaders, here’s a short recap of why you haven’t been seeing updates of late… They’ll get more regular, promise.

*A classmate’s mother from my son’s kindergarten class at Waldorf had a hemorrhagic stroke and died… This was announced the next school day and brought some freshly mined grief for Dakiddo. Thus we’ve been dealing with that. Further, the husband and father in that family has three children (unlike my stroke-riddled ex having one) and has much to deal with so I was on the plate immediately with what had gone down with YerSauce (see below for How) and what I might do to help.

*An old pal of the family stopped to visit and on the day she was due to depart, she got news that her recent brother-in-law, and the father of her first niece (December baby) got killed in a head-on collision that was not his fault an hour earlier, so she was up to her elbows in grief….part of that rekindled by the next bullet here—as she has been hating May of late.

*The first anniversary of my son’s mom’s strokes was May 2nd… and that seems to have been harder than expected. And probably compounded by the school-mate’s mom.

*Your IdiotDiarist is still scrounging daily and deeply for gainful employment, and we have long passed the moment where it got scary. Five verbal offers and none in writing for weeks on end get to be a bit of a taunt.

*We had another houseguest who was dealing with grief of a different sort…

*Two minor illnesses and other varied maladies struck.

*But other than that, all is swell! Still grinning. Expect more updates as this particular OafishDiarist gets his life back under minor control.


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